3 Simple Home Upgrades That Pay Off Big

Whether you're selling a home for business or personal purposes it's always good to know that your home is worth more than what you paid for it. This is especially true as unless you're paying cash down, chances are you are paying more than you paid for it because of interest. So if you want your home to sell for a better deal than what you bought it for you'll want to invest in it. Here are some upgrades that help not just the overall resale value, but also the desirability of your property.

Lawn and Yard

One of the things that makes living in a house more appealing to people than say, living in a flat, is that they have private access to the great outdoors. Never underestimate the value and desirability of a well kept yard. You should also keep in mind that from an outside view the first impression of your home to potential buyers is going to be your yard. Your main focus should be on curb appeal, but don't be afraid to be creative in your backyard as well. Many families are impressed by the play sets for kids, gardens, and pools are also known to add value (with the downside of potentially unwanted upkeep).


When you sell your home you don't want it to look like something out of the Addams family. You know, the trees the dying, the paint peeling, dark and depressing. We've all seen at least one of these houses in our lifetimes. While this is again directly related to curb appeal there's more to a paint job than meets the eye. Not only do you want your paint job fresh and well applied, but you also may want look into a color change. For example, did you know that pale yellow homes have been shown in studies to sell not only more quickly but for more money on average?


Depending on the design of a window it may have little impact on your house's look as a whole, or it may help define it. Our windows play more of a role than that, however. New windows can help a house feel warmer in the winter and even cooler in the summer. These windows not only offer your home a new level of comfort but they save on energy bills but by providing for a more weatherized home. This makes your home appealing as well, especially to “green minded” buyers.