Best Time to Sell Your Home in Canada

When it comes to when the best time is to sell someone's home there really is no easy answer that fits everyone. Your needs may vary depending your situation. You could spend some extra time looking at property values and trends in the Canadian housing market, but personal circumstances may also arise. However, as far as the conditions of the market, while it can vary depending on many local and economic factors there is one time of year most agree is best.

Spring and sometimes going into summer tends to be the best time for seller. Most in the industry agree, however, that it is a very competitive time to sell as well. The large market of buyers, however, often overshadows this, as they have a great deal of competition as well. Most also agree that winter is one of the worst times to sell and in some ways shows a bit of desperation on the part of the seller, allow the buyer to take advantage. During the spring and summer buyers are more eager to settle and willing to pay more. Another contributing factor may be the fact that this happens around tax time. That means the seller has more money in pocket that for example they may use to make a down payment on a brand new home.

More people statistically prefer to move in the summer and spring as well. It may be in part due to the kids getting out of school, making the move more convenient especially if changing schools. The weather of course is also a major part to play. It wouldn't exactly be ideal to be moving in a blizzard or a heavy rainstorm in the autumn. You also have to ask yourself, who wants move this close to the holidays? It's an inconvenience at a very busy time of the year and a very emotional and sentimental one. No one wants to be settling into a new home or saying goodbye to an old one when they're trying to get ready for the holidays. It also shows potential buyers that if someone is willing to do so this time of year, they must be desperate to sell in a hurry. It certainly reduces your chances at a high sell in that sense.

There's really no “convenient” time to up and move everything and settle into a new home, but as far as selling and the challenges that go with it we can seem to settle on the time of year. Spring into summer under the sunny weather. Finally if possible try for early in the month of May. Remember in as with anything in life, timing is everything.