How Not to Sell a House

So you are thinking about selling your home. You may have done quite a bit of research on how it's done but have you considered the “don'ts” along with the “do's?”

There are a lot of little mistakes as well as big ones to avoid when selling and sometimes the minor ones can be just as big as the major ones as they can instantly shut down a sale. So if you're trying to NOT sell your and let it sit on the market forever, here's a few tips to consider.

Be Unreasonable in the Terms of Sale

The truth is your home is going to have a lot of emotional and sentimental value attached to it, which means absolutely nothing to your potential buyer. You may also find the market conditions aren't right, or believe it or not your house might be a hard sell. Sometimes you have to be willing to negotiate and compromise in order to finally close on a sale.

Make Your Showings Inconvenient or Uncomfortable

You have to remember that not everyone's schedule is going to line up with yours. It may not be realistic to be at every showing, and if anything your presence there may just create uneasiness. It won't help being there putting in your two cents along with everything the real estate agent says.

Another great way to make your showings uncomfortable is to let the pets roam free. Some people have allergies, and others are simply going to be intimidated or uncomfortable around animals, especially ones they don't know.

Sometimes it's just best to disappear when needed and leave a key for your real estate agent so they can do their jobs.

Skimp Out On The Upkeep

Sometimes a house can be a disaster during a showing. It's messy, it's rundown, the yard is ruin, the lawn is grown out like a jungle, and the horror stories go on. Sometimes the whole house might be kept up real nice but a few rooms are in a messy, or the mowing of the front lawn was put for a bit. It only takes one small eyesore to instantly ruin a good first impression, and even close a sale before it's begun.

Focus on the Price Nothing Else

When you finally choose your best offer you have to remember that money amount is not the only factor in play. The quality of your buyer is an important aspect as well. Everything plays role from the buyer's credit to the little details of their offer. For example you could get an amazing offer on the house, but with a ridiculously small down payment. A better way would be to discuss the details of each offer with a real estate agent who knows the ropes.

Don't Be Honest Upfront

Make sure, make sure, make sure, you share even the fine print and unappealing details during your sale. Dishonesty can not only damage your credibility it could also land you in trouble. Besides that the last thing you want to say to a buyer or a real estate agent is “Oh yeah I forgot to mention (fill in the blank)”

Honesty is always the best policy and better now than later.

There are many other blunders to avoid in this process but for the most part these are the big ones.