Preparing Your House In Canada For Sale

So you're living in Canada and you've decided to list your home for sale. Before you put it on the market and start the selling process there are some simple but vital things you'll want to do as you prepare. You want your real estate property to look immaculate, almost like the cover of a magazine, but maybe not quite. So where do you even begin?

Step 1 - Fix All Eyesores

Start with the inside and work your way in. You'll find that there are many minimal and cost effective steps you can take to make your home the apple of your buyer's eye. Start with cleaning, focus closely on the bathroom and kitchen, which should be sparkling. These will be the first practical rooms your buyer will hone in on.

You'll always want to repair any damage and remove any resulting debris. Any damaged windows, peeling roof shingles, broken gutters, and so on should be repaired.

The outside, especially the front should also get some attention. Consider exterior painting if needed. Keep your lawn taken care of and pay attention to your home's curb appeal. Remember the outside is the first thing your buyer will perceive.

Step 2 - Prepare the Rooms

In addition to a well cleaned home you'll also want one neat, well arranged, and free of clutter. It's a little known secret that an empty room is a room that appears larger to the eye. You should remove any person effects and any other items that take up unnecessary space. If possible remove any items, for example a hanging light fixture- that won't be included with your house after sale.

Step 3 - Prepare to Show

Keep all walkways clear to make your home easy to navigate, not to mention safe. Make sure your pets remain out of sight and mind. Make sure your rooms are clean and prepared as desired. When showing during consider letting in some natural light, which will add to the pleasant environment of your home. Finally, last but not least, if you're using a real estate agent to sell your property you should avoid being around during a showing. This is a common courtesy in the business and it makes things more comfortable and confident between your sellers and real estate agent, who has it in their best interest to sell your home for the best deal.

Follow these steps and your home will be selling in no time.