Canada: Resources for New Arrivals

Newcomers to Canada, welcome! You've made an excellent choice. Canada is a beautiful and welcoming environment and the friendly residents will be glad to have you! Whether you're coming to move in and or just to purchase a vacation home there will be a lot for you to learn. With our prime real estate and beautiful surroundings, it will be well worth the effort. Luckily there are some resources below to help you along your way, so let's get started!

For the Exchange Rate

If you're unsure of the exchange rate you'll be thrilled to know that there is an easy tool that allows you to calculate that. You can check out the bank of Canada's daily converter tool anytime, and it's always up to date.

For Information on Real Estate Taxes

If you buy a home or vacation home or any real estate in Canada you will have to pay your taxes on the property. You'll also have to report to the Canada Revenue agency. To know more about tax rates, rules, and regulations check out their website here.

Rules Regarding Your Stay and Duration

Whether you're a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S there is good news! You don't need a passport or a visa. You can visit whenever you want with minimal hassle. However, there are some rules you'll want to be aware including those regarding how long you can stay. Make sure you regularly check out the rules and regulations for your visit whether you're just visiting or purchasing a vacation property.

What can You Bring into The Country?

There are certain goods that carry restrictions on them when bringing them into a country and some you're not allowed to bring at all. To avoid the hassle of confiscation or worse, being charged, you should check the convenient guide from the Canada Border Service Agency.

What's The Weather Like

To plan your trips and what to do you might want to check what the weather is going to be like during your stay. While we are famous for our cold climate and harsh winters we actually a very diverse landscape. For example, the coasts are quite mild while the summers are humid in central Canada, and can be scorchers up in The Prairies. It never hurts to be prepared, so you can check on this all year round at Environment Canada.

Life in Canada

We have a proud and diverse people here in Canada and it's a great place to live. You can learn more about how we do things on our government's guide Welcome to Canada: What You Should Know. It will include not only information about land and culture but will even help you figure out how to become a citizen should you feel so inclined.